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Hanwo Co., Ltd was established with the view of improving our Import – Export activities. The business include of importing cooker, water cooler, water filter system… and exporting aluminum, cast iron and agricultural products.

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Our products are exported to many countries

Aluminum Big Cylinder

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Anise products

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Cinnamon Products

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Aluminum Alloy Cone

Aluminum Alloy Cone Product name: [...] Read More

Aluminum Granules

Aluminum Granules Product name: Aluminum [...] Read More

Aluminum Alloy Ingot

Aluminum Alloy Ingots Product name: [...] Read More

Aluminum Alloy Pyramid

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Agricutural Products

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International standards.

Currently, Hanwo Co., Ltd. has been investing in the main factory in Bac Ninh and Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh. The production facilities all meet the schedule of 400 to 500 tons / month with a wide variety of products.


Useful market information.

New factory 06.2020


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2020 Company trip Hanoi – Phu Quoc


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Producing akuminum granules consist 4 steps Step 1: Casting the short billet Short billet molds https://youtu.be/zbPrUmWJB4Y Step2: Press the short billet into wire [...] Read More
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