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HANWO is an import-export company with many years of experience in the field of import and export. HANWO has cooperated with many countries around the world, being a reliable friend of customers and international partners. HANWO stands out for its aluminum field and is increasingly affirming its mission of becoming a strong Vietnamese enterprise in the fields of production and import-export.

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Application of Aluminum

Aluminum is an amazing metal which its application can be used in many projects and machines. A piece in aluminum weighs only one-third of one in steel (2.7 g/cm3). In addition to making it easier to handle in a factory or on a building site, aluminum’s low weight also translates into reduced energy consumption during transportation, making aluminum not just a lightweight and versatile choice of material, but also an economically viable one.

“Reputation and together development.”

– Dr Vu HOng giang, hanwo’s board of Director

Recycling and Manufacturing Aluminum to make contribution to a better world 

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Aluminum is infinitely recyclable

Few materials are as easily recycled as aluminum. It requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce the initial primary metal to recycle it. In fact, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use.

We are specialized in recycling Aluminum Scrap into beautiful ingots, cones, and other shapes and sizes. 


Aluminum Granule

90 – 99%

Aluminum Ingot

90 – 99%

Aluminum Billet

90 – 99%

Aluminum Cylinder 

90 – 99%

Cooperation with reliable partners

With partners and sources from mass production factories, HANWO pledges to meet all customer requests for the quantity and quality of products.

Proud to be a part of HANWO Group

Hanwo is a large-scale manufacturer in Vietnam, and is capable of providing partners with high-quality products at the best prices.

Who is HANWO?

HANWO Company Limited is a manufacturing and exporting company. Established in 2013 with a strategic vision and desire to bring out eco-friendly products, HANWO has been constantly making effort to provide the best products and services, contributing to the improvement of trade exchange between Vietnam and countries around the world.



Our factory has run for 10 years serving large-scale manufacturing, HANWO commits to guarantee about the quality and quantity of the products to meet requirements of strict markets in the world such as Japan, Korea, the USA and the EU. HANWO not only aims for market penetration but also desires to contribute to a greener Earth and a healthier life for everyone.

Hanwo’s development over the years

After 18 years of establishment and development, Hanwo has created a great brand.

The history of Hanwo LLC

  • 2006 – Project team specializing in equipment procurement consultancy and implementation of service contracts related to Military Defense (GBC Company)
  • 2013 – HANWO Co., Ltd: Domestic production and sales
  • 2016 – HANWO 2 Co., Ltd: Importing and Exporting 
  • 2020 – IME HANWO 3 Co., Ltd: Importing and Exporting and Military consultancy

After years of development, Hanwo has always been known as one of the accredited and reputable manufacturer, import & export brand by the global market. In recent years, It is taking firm steps towards extending our factories’ scale by making more investment in advancing the factories’ facilities and putting the application of advanced technologies into reality.

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